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Scout Sunny


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Scout Sunny: Slim backpack for school with ergonomic soft back, adjustable back strap system, spacious front pocket and 2 flexible side pockets.

Savety-feature: fluorescent, retroreflective
weight ca: 1,100 gr (without hip belt and exclusive designs without Funny Snaps®)
volume ca: 18.9 l
width ca.: 30 cm
height ca: 39 cm
depth ca: 20 cm

Article number: 4935-00
Design number: 878-00

Accessories for schoolbag motive

Scout Brustbeutel Goalgetter
Neck Pouch
Scout Sportbeutel Goalgetter
Sports Bag
Scout Schlamper-Etui Goalgetter
Pencil Pouch
Scout Sporttasche Goalgetter
Sports Bag
Scout Rucksack VI Goalgetter Frontansicht
Backpack VI
Scout Essbox Goalgetter
Lunch Box
Scout Trinkflasche Goalgetter
Drinks Bottle
Scout Rucksack X Goalgetter Frontansicht
Backpack X
Scout Schultüte Goalgetter
Scout Pencil Case 7pcs Goalgetter
Pencil Case 7 pcs
Scout Pencil Case 23pcs Goalgetter
Pencil Case 23 pcs

Goalgetter is also available as

Scout Schulranzen Alpha Goalgetter Frontansicht Alpha
Scout Schulranzen Set Sunny Goalgetter bestehend aus Schulranzen, Sporttasche, 23-teiligem Etui und Schlamper-Etui Sunny Schoolbag-set
Scout Schulranzen Set Alpha Goalgetter bestehend aus Schulranzen, Sporttasche, 23-teiligem Etui und Schlamper-Etui Alpha Schoolbag-set

Responsibility for humans and environment

The brand Scout is bluesign® SYSTEM PARTNER and is involved with the Global Compact.

BLUESIGN – the seal for sustainability

BLUESIGN stands for reducing the environmental burden during the whole production process – with the objective of minimising the ecological footprint of textile consumer products.

Companies producing according to the bluesign® SYSTEM fulfil strict criteria. Scout production sites, suppliers and other manufacturers involved in the production process are involved in using needed ressources as ecologically and sustainably as possible – in full accordance with the BLUESIGN idea. More about BLUESIGN

Global Compact – the UN-initiative

This UN’s initiative established ten principles from the fields of human rights, working standards, environmental production and the combating of corruption. The “Steinmann Gruppe” is involved in this initiative and thus admits to their entrepreneurial responsibility.  More about Global Compact

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