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BLUESIGN – sustainability from the outset

The bluesign® SYSTEM stands for the use of sustainable raw, auxiliary and operating materials in a clean process – with the objective of creating a safe and environmentally-friendly produced textile consumer product.

The approach to achieve this is the conscious and responsible use of ressources while at the same time applying the least possible strain on water and air. In short: Reducing the ecological footprint.

This includes supervision of emissions and applying safe procedures for employees. Powered by this holistic approach, BLUESIGN enables an environmental-friendly and sustainable textile production all over the world.

Environmental production throughout the whole manufacturing process

The bluesign® SYSTEM is based on the unique approach to minimise the strain on the environment during the whole production process. To ensure this, all substances used during production and all raw materials are being checked before production can begin. All suppliers, manufacturers and brands have to undergo strict assessments to assure that the strict bluesign® criteria are adhered to. 

Scout is bluesign® SYSTEM PARTNER

We are aware of our responsibility as a manufacturer of products for children. With our commitment as bluesign® SYSTEM PARTNER we would like to contribute continually to the protection of people and environment. In order to achieve this we use the necessary ressources at all our production sites as ecologically and sustainably as possible today. Something we share with our complete supply chain – as it is the aim of the bluesign® idea.


Focal points of bluesign® SYSTEM

  • Humans: consumer protection, security of employment
  • Environment: emission of water and air, waste, land pollution
  • Ressources: energy, water, chemicals, raw materials, benchmark
  • Further information at BLUESIGN’s website

Responsibility for humans and environment

The brand Scout is bluesign® SYSTEM PARTNER and is involved with the Global Compact.

BLUESIGN – the seal for sustainability

BLUESIGN stands for reducing the environmental burden during the whole production process – with the objective of minimising the ecological footprint of textile consumer products.

Companies producing according to the bluesign® SYSTEM fulfil strict criteria. Scout production sites, suppliers and other manufacturers involved in the production process are involved in using needed ressources as ecologically and sustainably as possible – in full accordance with the BLUESIGN idea. More about BLUESIGN

Global Compact – the UN-initiative

This UN’s initiative established ten principles from the fields of human rights, working standards, environmental production and the combating of corruption. The “Steinmann Gruppe” is involved in this initiative and thus admits to their entrepreneurial responsibility.  More about Global Compact

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