"Best" in test.

Test results for Scout schoolbags. Awarded "good" – again and again!

Renowned German consumer magazines as "Stiftung Warentest" and "ÖKO-TEST" have regularly tested schoolbags since the mid of the 1980s. Scout models were awarded "good"* again and again.

* (very good = grade 1, good = grade 2. grade 1 = best rating possible, grade 6 = worst rating possible)

Schoolbag Scout Alpha. Best in test at ÖKO-TEST (4/2017)!

The German magazine ÖKO-TEST has published a schoolbag check in their 4/2017 edition. The Scout Alpha with the design "Happy Dolphins" was the only of 20 tested models to receive the total cumulative grade "good"*, in the most important categories functionality, ergonomics and workmanship it even received a "very good"*.

* (very good = grad 1, good = grade 2. grade 1 = best rating possible, grade 6 = worst rating possible)

Important: Warning effect.

Safety is of particular importance to the severe experts from the German Magazine ÖKO-TEST: "The warning effect is a must. Accidents on the way to and from school happen regularly." Best in test, Scout Alpha with the design "Happy Dolphins" fulfills with its fluorescent and retroreflective warning areas the requirements of the German Safety Standard for schoolbags DIN 58124.

"Very good" in daily use.

Functionality, ergonomics and workmanship – this is what counts in daily use. And in all these categories Scout achieved a "very well". The experts remarked that more than half of the 10 tested schoolbags offer little or no protection from rain. So everything that is stored in the main compartment could get wet and thus unusable. The Scout Alpha offers good protection.

Making the decision together with the child.

Next to recommending to consider the German Safety Standard DIN 58124, ÖKO-TEST advises to not only focus on the preferences of the child when buying a schoolbag. Important factors like empty weight, wearing comfort and handling would then be missed out because of colour and design. It is best to buy the schoolbag together as a family.

Trying on with a specialist dealer.

In summary, ÖKO-TEST shows two things. First: There are schoolbags that live up to their promises. And secondly: big deficits lurk behind some schoolbags and only show up after the purchase. Only buying the schoolbag because it looks nice is thus risky. The best is to consult a specialst dealer and to try the schoolbag on and out.

Scout schoolbags at "Stiftung Warentest": good – again and again!

Scout Alpha was one of the best DIN-models of the current schoolbag check of the German consumer magazine Stiftung Warentest (test 2/2019, design Commander, test grade "good", 1,9*). Scout Genius' World Cup design was also awarded with the total grade "good" (2.0*). In the preceding test of Stiftung Warentest (3/2013) Scout Buddy Basic was best in test of 12 tested models with the total grade 2.3. In edition 4/2009 even two Scout models were the best: the Scout Easy II (1.8*) and the Scout Maxi (1.9*) which were also both best in test in edition 4/2006. In 5/2001 Scout Maxi achieved the best grade (1.6*) and Scout Classic II (1.7*) the second best.

Here you can find more information about the current test of Stiftung Warentest.

* (1 = best, 6 = worst)

Scout schoolbags. Also winners in design.

Scout schoolbags not only performed “good” when it comes to their functionality but also when it comes to design: Lastly, the first Scout Genius model received the renowned German design award “Red Dot” for Product Design in 2017. The “red dot” is awarded by a German Designer Association. And it is not the only one: Scout Maxi, the first model in the backpack-look, already received the Red Dot Award in 1997, just as the Nano model which was presented in 2009 and the Scout Buddy in 2013.

Responsibility for humans and environment

The brand Scout is bluesign® SYSTEM PARTNER and is involved with the Global Compact.

BLUESIGN – the seal for sustainability

BLUESIGN stands for reducing the environmental burden during the whole production process – with the objective of minimising the ecological footprint of textile consumer products.

Companies producing according to the bluesign® SYSTEM fulfil strict criteria. Scout production sites, suppliers and other manufacturers involved in the production process are involved in using needed ressources as ecologically and sustainably as possible – in full accordance with the BLUESIGN idea. More about BLUESIGN

Global Compact – the UN-initiative

This UN’s initiative established ten principles from the fields of human rights, working standards, environmental production and the combating of corruption. The “Steinmann Gruppe” is involved in this initiative and thus admits to their entrepreneurial responsibility.  More about Global Compact

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