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Frequently asked questions.

What are the differences between the Scout schoolbag models?

All Scout schoolbag models are custom-tailored to the needs of school starters and students of primary school. In order to choose the right Scout model – Ultra, Alpha, Sunny and Genius – it is essential that the child tries the schoolbag on. The two soft-models Scout Alpha und Sunny look like backpacks but they are real schoolbags with a solid, sturdy base. The Scout Genius is the product of consequent development of the extremely solid schoolbag shape. Its strong core is coated with hard-wearing fabric – without any visible plastic parts. The Scout Ultra has a stable front but soft side pockets. You can find all Scouts at one glance here.

What is special about the Scout back strap system?

The back strap system ensures that the Scout schoolbag is close to the child's back and that it can be carried ergonomically. It is adjustable and can be adapted individually to the size of every child. There are two additional straps for perfect positioning in the shoulder area – important for a healthy posture. The wide, integrated hip belt further relieves the strain on the child's back by shifting the weight of the schoolbag from the back to the hips and the pelvis. In addition, the hip belt keeps the schoolbag close to the back even when the child is moving (e.g. when riding a bike). The chest belt is used to fix the shoulder straps for children with narrow shoulders.

What if the child grows and the hip belt no longer rests on the hips?

In the initial years, the hip belt provides strength-saving wearing comfort. The vertically-adjustable back strap system is simply adjusted to the current back length (e.g. using a coin): base at the height of the hip bones, and the strap mounting point at the height of the shoulder blades. As the back grows longer, the former hip belt takes on the function of a fastening belt ensuring that the schoolbag is still carried close to the body, even when the child is moving. Alternatively, the hip belt can be removed completely.

Why does the chest belt sometimes slip out of track?

For safety reasons, the chest belt has been constructed in a way that it slips out of track when there is a tight pull at the side or at the shoulder strap (and can then be slipped back in again). Even if the chest belt slips out more easily than back in, you can slip it back in yourself. This is a little tricky but with patience and a bit "fumbling" well doable. The cross-seam beneath the retroreflective strip has to be bended back and the track thus "exposed". The chest belt can then be slipped in again.

The clasp of my schoolbag's chest or hip belt broke. Where can I get a replacement?

Please send your enquiry with your address and schoolbag model directly by mail to

Can liquids from the side pockets leak into the schoolbag?

No, as all the Scout side pockets are equipped with a drain hole, allowing any leaked liquid to drain out safely.

What about the weight of a schoolbag?

In the past, guidelines determined that the total weight of a backpack should not be more than 10 – 12 % of the body weight. These guidelines originated from a recommendation for soldier filed packs for a 20 km trekking distance. Both the study "Kid-Check-Studie 2008" and the study "Schulranzenstudie 2009" show that a schoolbag can easily weigh more than 10 % of the body weight. Prerequisite: It is carried in a back-friendly way – and the way to school is no longer than 20 minutes. The "Saarbrücker Schulranzenstudie" (schoolbag study of Saarbrücken) also showed that a schoolbag weight of 17 – 20 % is harmless for a child's spine – and that the physical fitness of the child determines the individual maximum weight of the schoolbag.

What about the weight of Scout schoolbags?

Scout schoolbags weigh between approx. 1,100 and 1,200 g (without hip belt). The weight difference between all four Scout models is approx. 90 g, which is only 1.8 – 3% of the total weight of a filled schoolbag (in relation to 3–5 kg total weight). The weight must, of course, always be considered in relation to the schoolbag capacity.

How do the schoolbags look from inside?

The interior of our Scout Ultra, Alpha, Genius and Sunny can be examined at our webiste:

Why are there different colours for the fluorescent areas of the Scout schoolbags?

The Scout designers select the colours of the fluorescent areas matching to the design. In the current Scout collection we use four different fluorescent colours: orange-red, yellow, fuchsia and pink. All fluorescent warning areas increase visibility during the day and at dawn. The warning colours orange-red, yellow and fuchsia fluoresce so strong that they are allowed to carry the “TÜV”-seal “geprüft nach DIN 58124” (checked by the German Safety Standard DIN 58124 and confirmed by the German Technical Supervisory Association TÜV).

How is the limited Scout collection different from the "normal" Scout collection?

The models of the limited Scout collection are only available as a 4-pcs set. Because these sets are limited editions, set components in this particular design cannot be reordered or purchased additionally – except for the separately available neck wallets. The designs of the "normal" Scout collection are available either as single schoolbags or in a 4-pcs set. In addition, a wide range of accessories is available which can also be re-ordered for a certain period of time.

When will the new designs be launched?

The new Scout collections will be presented end of September and are available at your specialist dealer from October.

Is the Scout water resistant?

Yes. All Scout schoolbags fulfil the high standards laid down in the German Safety Standard DIN 58124 in terms of water resistance. According to the German Safety Standard DIN 58124 no more than 10 g water may leak into the schoolbag. The schoolbag must remain waterproof when placed in 1 cm of water. All Scout schoolbags fulfil these requirements. The Scout fabric resists a high water pressure.

Why is there no rain protection for Scout schoolbags?

Since our schoolbags are water resistant, no additional protection from rain is needed.


Where do I get the matching umbrella to my schoolbag?

Selected Scout designs as well as uni-coloured umbrellas are available at our license partner Happy Rain.

How to clean my Scout?

To clean your Scout schoolbag and all accessories, please use a soft brush and/or a cloth with a gentle detergent, and wipe it afterwards with pure water. Here you will find detailed information and tips on cleaning your schoolbag.

Why does Scout not sell “real” schoolbag trolleys?

Experts do not approve of schoolbag trolleys. Children still frequently have to drag and lift them, for example in and out the bus, over kerbs or steps. That often puts more strain on their spines than if the schoolbag is consistently carried on their backs. When pulling the schoolbag trolley, children also tend to twist their spines in a manner harmful to their health.

Do I get Scout fabric/applications, for example for the “Schultüte”?

For fabrics/applications please send a mail to our customer service:

We lost our pencil case/it was stolen/we would like to have a new pencil case from a limited set.

Please direct your enquiry directly to our customer service by mail to Please note that we will not always be able to help you – especially when it comes to older collections. But we will always do our best.


We lost our Funny Snap®. Where can I get a replacement?

The set can be ordered via your specialst dealer. Click here for the dealer search.


I would like to have my schoolbag repaired.

All reparations are dealt by your specialist dealer. Please address your dealer where you bought your Scout with your proof of purchase. Should this not be possible, please contact another authorized Scout dealer.

Responsibility for humans and environment

The brand Scout is bluesign® SYSTEM PARTNER and is involved with the Global Compact.

BLUESIGN – the seal for sustainability

BLUESIGN stands for reducing the environmental burden during the whole production process – with the objective of minimising the ecological footprint of textile consumer products.

Companies producing according to the bluesign® SYSTEM fulfil strict criteria. Scout production sites, suppliers and other manufacturers involved in the production process are involved in using needed ressources as ecologically and sustainably as possible – in full accordance with the BLUESIGN idea. More about BLUESIGN

Global Compact – the UN-initiative

This UN’s initiative established ten principles from the fields of human rights, working standards, environmental production and the combating of corruption. The “Steinmann Gruppe” is involved in this initiative and thus admits to their entrepreneurial responsibility.  More about Global Compact

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